Wildlife photography with a macro lens

You don't need a lens the size of a horse's leg to do wildlife photography!


A quiet interlude, with swans

Migration season is a great time to get in some bird photography and practice with my long lens.

Rumors of my death

have been greatly exaggerated. The move to Wisconsin is complete and we're good and settled in. We love our house to bits. The country is really beautiful, the lake is a lot of fun and the neighbors we've met have been great. There's even a local coffee shop where we hang out for some local... Continue Reading →

Water, Water, Everywhere!

This year has been one of seriously heavy rain here in New England.  Luckily where I live we escaped serious flooding, but still our rivers, brooks and streams are very high.  Good for one thing - waterfalls!!  Recently I took a good friend of mine to see some near me and got some decent shots.... Continue Reading →

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