Wordless Wednesday – 8/4/21

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      1. Hopefully it is a seasonal cycle – I know we have different numbers of local bunnies year to year. I hope it is not a danger sign because I know that frog populations can be very telling of dangers to the environment.

      2. In all honesty, I don’t think it’s a blip. We are living through ecological disaster and each day points to more doom. 50 years ago I remember the first Earth Day and thought we could get things done. Now I see we won’t, and perhaps have reached a point where perhaps we can’t.

      3. I agree with you and it pains me. Really does. I have to limit my exposure to bad environmental news since it just makes me cry. Over the years I’ve wondered how such a destructive creature (humans) could evolve and the only answer I can come up with is that we are an extinction trigger. That’s what we’re good at and it’s the only way our existence makes sense. We don’t live in nature anymore only outside of it and at odds with it. So if we are an extinction trigger, I think we’re right on track. I wonder what the Earth will do once we’ve pulled it.

      4. Dark thoughts, and sadly, I am glad I will be dead long before the end of the world . . . I, too, limit my exposure to news (in most areas, not just environmental). “Extinction trigger” is the perfect phrase . . . meanwhile, enjoy the beauty around you!

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