Mesmerize Me

Sometimes I don’t realize what I’ve shot until after I look at it for a while.  This image didn’t really strike me right away, but as soon as I did a B&W conversion it did.


The Dream is Over

When viewed large, it’s easy to get caught up in it; trance-like.  I spent quite a few minutes in this field with this perfectly angled morning light and it was so worth it.  I’ve been trying to capture the stark beauty that winter offers and I think this one does that quite well.  It conveys protection as well somehow, as if the snow is cradling the dead milkweed.  Moreso than this photo, taken from the top of a mountain –


This one illustrates how harsh and unforgiving winter can be.  The windblown snow and the stark presentation give the impression that the weeds are toughing it out against all odds.

It’s been fun honing my style; finding my vision.  I’m sure for the second one, the folks that were enjoying the summit view from a nearby picnic table probably thought I was nuts, crouching low on the ground angling toward some crispy weeds instead of taking pictures of the valley below.  But the macro view was uninteresting compared to this more intimate moment.  I’m most proud of myself as a photographer when I find photos like this.

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