Fulfilling Your Vision

A lot of the time I’m a spontaneous photographer.  I walk around with my eyes open and take pictures of what I see.  Some interpretation goes into it, but mostly I’m pretty literal and documentary.  Until recently I didn’t really envision what I want ahead of time and try to manipulate things to come together.  Mostly its because I’m lazy.  But things are changing.

In late December I shot some frames in a nearby apple orchard.  I’ve always loved apple trees for their crazy shapes and slightly menacing aspect.  While there I thought was a great addition to a sunset they would make and went back for a try.  Things went OK, but didn’t really turn out how I envisioned.  So, keeping an eye on the sky became an almost daily ritual.  I was looking for the right combination of color and clouds.  I know what I want, but getting it is another story.  Trying though…persisting is part of the deal.  It’s part of the effort of the art.

Orchard Sunset

I guess people just think it’s luck or your camera, but good photography takes dedication and practice.  You have to know the rules and when to break them.

Sunset Symmetry

Most of all, you  have to go out and do it.  Keep trying. Even if stuff doesn’t come out exactly how you intended, it’s still valuable.  And sometimes, even beautiful.

Sundown in the Orchard

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