Look Out Below!

I’m one of those head’s down kind of hikers.  Mostly it’s to watch where and how I’m placing my feet (not breaking an ankle or my neck is very high on my list of things to do), but it has its other benefits.

This first shot took me a while to get the way I wanted it.  I forgot my reflector and didn’t have a flash with me so It’s a longish exposure.  Tough to do when you want a ribbon of focus running through a subject, but I managed it.  I used my tremendously sharp 90mm f2 Olympus lens.  I love that lens.

Fall mushrooms

I almost stepped on this leaf , but I swerved and then kept going.  Only for a couple of steps though, then I went back for a closer look.

Large-toothed Aspen leaf with morning dew

These frosty leaves were sheltering in the lee of a rock wall on the seashore.  As soon as the sun came around the frost disappeared in a moment.

Frosty Leaves

These bright little beauties caught my attention in an abandoned zoo / amusement park.  I was photographing the icon the park was known for when they just popped into my field of view.  The recent rainfall left everything darkened and slick.  I like the effect.

Orange and Gray

So don’t forget to look down every once in a while…you’ll never know the treasure you’ll find.

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  1. I love the first and last photos, particularly. I’ve always enjoyed the combination of orange and grey together, what a great find! And you used it to great effect. Well done.

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