Mr. Blue Sky

OK, so it’s not my favorite ELO song, but I do love a gorgeous, deep blue winter sky.  Despite their somewhat cliched nature I can’t help shooting trees or tree boughs against the sky.  Snow on the branches is even more overdone, but I still love the contrast and the shapes.

Fan dance.  No polarizer, no color enhancement – the sky really was like this.

Fan Dance

These lovely girls are at the end of my street…they posed for me so nicely.

Winter Sisters

Another tree in the neighborhood on the same day.  The light lasted just about an hour and then clouds moved in.

Winter Glory

This last one is from this weekend.  I was lying down in a mostly frozen brook with my head on a comfy rock.

Up from Under

At this point in winter, no matter how I enjoy the cold and bleak aspects, it starts to get to me and I look for color.  This is almost all that’s on offer though.  I’ll take it.

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  1. Great pictures.

    So what is your favorite ELO song? I’m not sure what mine would be but I think either my Top 3 albums are “Out Of The Blue,” “Discovery,” and “Time.” And your post just reminded me that I never did by “Zoom.” Off to download it now.

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