Raging Falls

Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been shooting.  Went to a new location yesterday at dawn and I think I might go back soon as I have other things I want to try.

Yeah, it’s another river in winter, but the rough beauty of places like this just gets to me.  The noise of the crashing water, the evergreens crowding close, the challenge of that massive dynamic range coupled with slow exposures.  Lots of fun.

I loved this one for the axe blade-like rock formation by the tree and the small fall right beneath it.

On Edge

Nearby was a rocky cascade with the most beautiful shape.  I was down the bank in a flash to set up the tripod as high as it would go.  B&W conversion and a square crop really maximize the shapes.


Black and white is just perfect for a lot of winter river work.  The dynamic range is at its maximum with the added snow and it heightens the drama of just about any photo.


That’s not to say I don’t love color.  This next photo in particular has a lot of punch; starting with that kick of green at the top which brings out the richness in the browns in the trees and rocks.  Initially I was drawn to this scene by the little rivulet snaking down the rock face on the left.  Then I stood and took in the whole scene and loved the way each terrace faces the viewer and the brook just curves away and out of sight.

Rocky Descent

It’s March now, and with the approach of spring these falls will be even more dramatic once the snowmelt is underway and the new greenery unfurls, but they still offer some gorgeous treks through the woods and are worth visiting.

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