Getting Close

I’ve always been fascinated with macro photography.  Even got myself a spiffy, world-class macro lens and an extension tube.  But that’s as far as I ever got.  For some reason I’ve never given it serious attention.  I guess it’s all that trial and error with film that got me down.  When I did play with close photography I had more misses than hits and got discouraged.  Ah how digital frees a person.

These are two from the backyard using the above mentioned lens and extension tube.  While I haven’t acquired a flash or a bracket or a new tripod (later maybe) I’m making do with what I have.  Even without the extra equipment there is a lot to remember and incorporate with macro photography.  My biggest weakness is watching the background and foreground elements.  There’s a lot that can show up in a 2D image and be quite distracting.  In person my eyes don’t even pick it up.  Must work on developing new habits.

These flowers are 1 1/2 inches high and about 1/4 inch across.  Really, really tiny.  They are the first to bloom each spring and even though they’re diminutive, insects flock to them for their precious pollen.  You can even see a few grains in the photo.  I decided on a black and white conversion for two reasons; first because it just makes those little white blossoms pop, and second because it’s unusual.  EVERYONE and their mother does flower photography, especially in spring.  It gets boring.  Same shots over and over again.  But a black and white at this level of magnification is different.  And I’m beginning to love the square crop.  With the popularity of 35mm and the aspect ratio it brings, people forgot that there were cameras that shot in a 1:1 ratio.  I love it and try to use it judiciously.

Vanguards of Spring

This next one is really going in the opposite direction in terms of processing and aspect ratio, but the subject matter is a bit different…I hope anyway.  It’s an azalea bud.  The light was perfect even if I had to create some shade with the lens cap.  Once again the Olympus 90mm macro and the 25mm extension tube are a great combination.  The shallow focal field works really well here.  I could have used a reflector here I think.  Must remember.  New habits!

Azalea bud close up

One of my favorite subjects is moss.  I love moss.  I’d rather have moss than lawn.  It’s soft and springy and lush.  What’s not to love?  These are two different kinds (exactly what I don’t know, moss ID guides are thin on the ground) one in shade and one in sun (so hard to manage).  They look like tiny forests or jungles.

Welcome to the Jungle
From the Air

Anyway…that’s what I’ve got so far.  Macro is a challenge, but one I think I’m prepared to meet.

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