The Art of Seeing II

One of my goals is to become a more deliberate photographer; to slow down.  Too many times I’ve rushed through a location, seeing the obvious and shooting what presented itself first.  Yeah sure, a person can get lucky sometimes, but the more I stop and really see, the better photographs I produce.  Also I’ve been holding ideas in my head and returning to a location when the conditions are more favorable.  I’ve never been much of a planner when it comes to photography, but lately I’ve been setting small goals for myself – nothing crazy or elaborate, more like wish fulfillment.  By keeping specific photographs in mind I have fewer distractions in the field and waste far less time.  It has paid off.

I’d walked by this little waterfall a couple of times and had an idea to shoot it, but needed overcast skies, which I was rewarded with this past Sunday.

Motion a deux

Further downstream I noticed the eddies and whirlpools thrown up by other waterfalls…the bubbles on the surface marked where this phenomenon took place.  Ah…long exposures.  That would do the trick.

I knelt down on the far bank and had a look.  Must get that little Charlie Brown tree in.  It’s cute and balances the composition.  Twenty seconds and a bit of tripod contortions later and I achieved this –

Total Perspective Vortex

I can barely tell you how pleased I am with this image.  Just after taking it, a couple of my photographer friends came by and got busy themselves at this same pool.  I changed to a new vantage point and continued to shoot –

High and Low
Drama in Still-life

While shooting these perched on my boulder I chatted with one of my friends who said he was continuing downstream and asked what there was to see.  I told him, but got distracted.  He pushed off, not wanting to wait for me.  No worries.  I had spotted something definitely worth sticking around for –


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    1. Hey Jason, thanks for stopping by. Slowing down is one of the hardest things for me to do. When I think of the years I spent just racing by locations I cringe at what I lost. At least now I’m trying to change.

  1. Great shots and terrific words to go along with them. Your thoughts about slowing down and becoming more deliberate are an echo of thoughts in my own mind . . . I’m glad to see that you are achieving your goal of “wish fulfillment.” May you have many more slow successes ahead! ~ Lauren

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