All I have to do is dream

I have a longer post planned, but I shot these yesterday and I’m in love with them since they’re kind of out of my normal zone.  Several folks in my flickr circle of friends have photographed the now blooming bluets – a lovely little wildflower that comes up almost anywhere.  Their shots were lovely and since I love this flower (especially when they’re in a tight little bunch and you can pat the whole surface of the bunch at once – springy!  yeah, I’m nuts.) anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, I love this flower and their beautiful shots forced me to rethink how I would photograph them myself.  Should I just copy them and come up with something similar?  The daffodil shoot breezed through my mind and I thought that I needed to take a similar approach with the bluets.

Macro time!

I put the 90mm on with the 25mm extension tube and shot wide open.  The results were sort of strange and I prefer the ones at f4 since there’s more definition in the OOF flowers.  While I shot the sun moved in and out of the trees shading this little bunch of flowers and the light changed dramatically.  Also the breeze blew, but I thought that would enhance the effect I was going for and so for once, I didn’t mind.

Alice's Bouquet
Through the Looking Glass

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