They don’t call it The Golden Hour for nothing

So yeah, you’ve read it on every photo blog out there, heard it at every workshop you’ve ever gone to, watched it on every “pro” tutorial video about landscape photography you’ve ever watched; the value, no the insistence of getting out during The Golden Hour or civil twilight.  The perfection, the softness, the detail.  That no one will take you or your work seriously if you don’t worship at the altar of The Golden Hour.  The fact that once you shoot in it almost any other light will just suck by comparison and you might as well not even go out and waste the battery in your camera.

Believe it.

Organized Resistance
Welcoming Committee
Reflected Glory
Leading the Witness

I wasn’t even particularly feeling it this morning (I blame lack of sleep, rising at 3:15 and going without coffee) and I came up with these.  With light like this and a beautiful location it’s hard to take a bad picture (I did though, trust me, I worked at it!!).  This is Ordione Point State Park – a jewel in the minuscule, 18-mile coast of NH (happy with your generous deal Maine and Massachusetts???).  Once part of the coastal defense network in WW2, it is now a protected habitat consisting of rocky coastline, salt marsh and woodland.  I’ve been coming here since I could drive and it’s one of my favorite places.  I’m going to make a point to get to the part of the park I’ve never been to – the salt marshes!  I can’t believe I haven’t been over that way…I guess it’s the lure of tidepools.  You can bet I’ll be getting up early.

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