Lily of the Valley – Part 5

As I’m leaving for California for a week starting tomorrow, I thought I’d update this study today.  Also because it rained this morning and I love including raindrops in flower photos if I can.  Plus it’s relatively still today which is good because the slightest breeze sets these leaves off.  They’re like sails, they catch the tiniest movement of air which is terrific in another way – the scent is like heaven.  Hard to believe such a powerful aroma comes from such tiny flowers.

The light in this first on is really odd, but I like it.  You know how the sky gets a bit yellow after rain towards the end of the day?  That’s what it was doing.

Quenched - May 3rd (OM 35mm f2 for a change)

Ride on Tears - May 14 (OM 90mm macro alone)
Paint the Seconds - May 14 (OM 90mm alone)
Joyeuse - May 14 (OM 90mm alone)

For this last one I couldn’t resist using the same name as Charlemagne’s sword.  It just fits.  It’s one of my favorite images in this study so far, too.

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