Lily of the Valley – Part 6

Before I dive into my California vacation pictures and before NH History part 2, I’m getting up to speed with this project.  I’m really glad I shot on the day before I left because the flowers were at their most verdant and lush.  The raindrops really helped convey that sense of freshness I was going for and so these next ones will be even more dramatically different.

May 25 (OM 90mm alone)

The blossoms are hanging on, but not by much and they fall like leaves in the slightest breeze.

May 26 - For Miss Havisham (OM 90mm alone)

This one kept spinning on its tether –

By a Spider's Thread (OM 90mm alone)

It looks like I placed this fallen blossom in this position, but I didn’t, I found it this way.

May 26th - Last Cup of Sorrow (OM 90mm alone)

That’s it for now.  There are more shots in the gallery including one of For Miss Havisham in black and white.  There are three monochrome shots now and I really like them.  Check them out HERE.

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