Overcoming Laziness

Even when I’m not on vacation I can’t get excited about getting out of bed before the sun comes up.  As a photographer I know I should and not doing so is somewhere between stupid and insane.  So why would I drag my ass out of bed before 7 on vacation?

For this –

Symmetry in a vineyard

and this –


There are a few more in the SmugMug gallery, but you get the idea.

I didn’t start out at this location.  We went what we thought was a good spot based on talking to tasting room folks.  Keep in mind that it was full dark when we got there so imagine our surprise when what we thought were rows of vine trellises turned out to be just rows of dirt.  Yeah, that’s photogenic.  Luckily my brain was sort of turning over at that point and I remembered a winery we’d visited the day before and the road leading up to it.  It was hilly.  It might even be facing in the right direction.  Better still it was close.  Nothing like racing the Earth’s rotation for a photo.

So we headed over.  By now there was a  little light and we could at least tell that the field was planted.  Oh and joy there are even trees.  Even though I couldn’t get as close as I wanted without trespassing, I think things came out pretty well.  I hoped for a better sky, but the subject really is the vines and how they light up so spectacularly, so it didn’t really matter in the end.  Better than rows of dirt.

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