Sometimes you get lucky.

I went into the woods today for the first time in weeks and had been walking barely 10 minutes when I found this –

Soliloquy (OM 35mm f2 legacy lens)

I couldn’t believe it.  How did this beech leaf just stand up like that?  As if it were spotlit on stage and about to give a speech.  Funny huh?  I’d just started to look around and notice details and there it was.

Now, another thing that’s kind of spooky is that I’d pulled over and stopped far short of where I usually park on this particular road.  It’s unmaintained, but I’ve driven it in worse conditions with no problem.  I have no idea why I did it.  There was no logical thought process, I just stopped.  For some reason though I parked at a junction with a couple of trails that I didn’t plan to actually hike, but ended up on anyway.  If I’d driven all the way in, I would have run over this little leaf and blown a perfect opportunity.


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