A few from Seattle

Over the Independence Day weekend my husband and I traveled to Seattle for a wedding (eek!  I forgot and totally didn’t read aloud the Declaration of Independence for the first time in years…oh the shame).  It wasn’t a photography trip per se, but I did manage to get a few photos that don’t suck.

Mt. Rainier in a sea of clouds at sunset

Fishing pier in Seattle, WA

View of Puget Sound the northern edge of the waterfront district in Seattle

I wasn’t in the groove though, you know.  Lately I’ve been feeling awkward and weird with the camera despite many satisfying hours behind it.  A lot of it had to do with exhaustion.  Well, impending exhaustion.  We stupidly and somewhat inadvertently walked the entire way from downtown to Discovery Park.  It’s 6 miles.  Not that big a deal when you plan for it, but definitely sort of strange when you don’t.  Especially when you leave the tourist areas and end up in a freight yard –

Diesel and Dust

Right after walking through this (there is a designated bike/foot path) we got dumped into a suburban area and a helpful sign said Discovery Park 1.8 miles.  Uphill.  Yay.  But what the heck, we’d come that far.  When we got there all we wanted was a bench and we found one not far from here –

Parts of Discovery Park are thickly forested

My not being in the groove shows a lot and I only got one decent picture of the beautiful moss and other small details of the rainforest –

Moss Garden

Eventually the paths come out of the forest and onto headland and meadow which leads right down to Puget Sound and some very popular beaches.  Paved roads and bike paths lead right up to them as well.  The same wildflowers that were everywhere in California are here, too and provide for some spectacular color.  But again, I wasn’t feeling it so didn’t even bother to shoot many of them.  And the light is a bit harsh anyway, so it would have been a waste of memory.

Puget Sound at Discovery Park

So after adding another 4 miles or so to our total from walking all over the park, we were dead tired and tried to get a bus back to downtown.  Alas, no change and we had to hoof it back to the park’s visitors’ center where a very nice lady gave us change and we were back down to catch the 33 to downtown.  The hotel lobby never looked so good –

The Arctic Club Hotel (No Minors. No Firearms.)

And a stop here was a must before dinner –

Arctic Club bar

Overall we enjoyed our couple of days in Seattle and will probably go again, but this time we’re going to rent bicycles.

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  1. Oh, I’m soooo homesick! Your photos are wonderful! I am a transplanted Pacific Northwest native and I would so love to go home – just no work there for me. Oh well, maybe one day. I love, love the photos! Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you and sorry for making you homesick, but I hope you enjoyed them, too. I’ve been up to WA & OR a few times before, but think the Olympic Peninsula might be next. So beautiful there, no wonder you miss it.

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