Quinta da Regaleira

I could have spent days in this elaborate, enchanting and somewhat weird garden.


European Vacation 2015

Will it be shocking to admit I'm a uni-dimensional photographer? Yeah, I can hear you all gasping and muttering that it can't be so. It's not as if I don't admire¬†or appreciate other forms of photography, like the shots below, but that I really don't enjoy¬†cities. They're loud, crowded and smell awful. Lots of people... Continue Reading →

Beyond Human Scale

One of the big reasons I wanted to go to Northern California is to experience the redwoods. Sure, I'd been in forests in Big Sur. Alfred Molera and Garapatta State Parks, but those groves, while precious, are small and made up of all new growth. I wanted the big forests and if I got lucky,... Continue Reading →

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