Desert Blooms

May in California is wildflower season and the high desert of the eastern Sierras is no exception.  I took tons of photos, but due to the harsh light, relentless wind and time constraints (who can wait forever for the wind to die down on every single shot?) most of them are for my reference and remembrance only.  Some did work out well though I wasn’t able to identify most of them.  I had a book and have used the internet, but still their IDs elude me.  If anyone definitely knows what some of these are, feel free to add a comment.

Desert Prince's Plume
No ID, I loved the morning light through them though.


Shot at dawn, no ID, they were everywhere, like grass.
No ID, found on the slopes of Black Point by Mono Lake
No ID, found on the rim of the Panum Crater by Mono Lake
No ID, but the backlighting was awesome at dawn
No ID, I loved their shy quality and the little droopy bits

Most of these are unbelievably tiny and I can hardly believe they survive, much less thrive, in such seemingly harsh conditions.  So different from the wildflowers in New England, but gorgeous none-the-less.  I spent  a lot of time oohing and ahhing over them.  It was hilarious and I felt really bad that I kept saying ‘Just one more’ to my stalwart husband.  He’s a gem, he is.

So, if anyone knows what these are, chime in.

4 thoughts on “Desert Blooms

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  1. These are lovely ! It’s amazing to find such beautiful little flowers in such a harsh environment. Must have been some sight!

  2. I know some of the names.
    1. Princes Plume as you pointed out.
    2. Apricot Desert Mallow
    3. Maybe Minature Desert Violet.
    4. Cushion Cryptantha
    5. Dwarf Mimulus
    6. Can’t remember
    7. Narrow Leaf Primrose

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