Gone to California

With things opening back up in spring of 2021, my husband and I decided to go to Paso Robles California to catch up with the wineries we buy from (there’s a lot!). Lately when we go there to taste wines I just use my phone for the occasional snapshot. It isn’t a picture taking kind of vacation usually. However, one of them has a brand new guest house high up on a hill and we stayed there for a few days. Because of that I decided to take my camera. And was I ever glad of that –

The first morning was super foggy as it sometimes is because of the proximity of the Pacific ocean.

It was April and just at bud break, but the hills create so many micro-climates, some vines were farther along than others.

The tasting room

The fog rolls in for a little while, then burns off under the relentless sun.

Another morning was clear and had some beautiful color and luckily not too many clouds –

These are all handheld and I was very glad of my camera’s dual image stabilization.

Here are some shots from the area around the tasting room from a few years back, just so you can see the surroundings and the hillsides full of vines –

And a shot of the tasting room stairs that lead down to the parking area –

If you find yourself wanting to explore mid-coast California wines, Paso is a great place to stay and explore.

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  1. We will be heading up the coast ourselves in a couple of weeks. Cameras are coming, too! I love these foggy shots.

      1. This is just a short excursion – 3 nights in Morro Bay and environs; staying at same place. Ideas abound, and we are meeting tomorrow with my husband’s parents to discuss things to do. They know lots of good restaurants; we know some other bits. This way we all get to do something we enjoy, within our limitations, too. We have a 2-3 week road trip to plan along I-50 and east, in northern Nevada (Lincoln Hwy) and possibly into Farr West, Utah, to buy cowboy hats!

      2. Please do send us suggestions! I think agenda includes Robin” Restaurant, the elephant seals, Castoro Cellars, and of course Montana de Oro, Morro Rock, walking and wandering. Too much to choose from – but suggestions for new things would be great as we are there 3 nights with driving a very short distance to the area. šŸ™‚

      3. I think most are by appointment only, but I think the tasting rooms are all open in Paso. My favorites are Epoch, Law, Brecon, TH Estates, & Clos Solene. Turley is also good. If you go to Tin City on the other side of the 101, Anarchy & Jacob Toft are pretty fab.

  2. Beautiful shots. Iā€™m stuck on Maui for two more years and am longing to return to California, to live, settle, explore, absorb, enjoy all that it has to offer!!

      1. Oh believe me I’m stuck…would leave tomorrow, but the kid wants to graduate H.S. with her friends. Living here isn’t what the tourists experience. It’s quite different. A lot of racial division, poverty, drugs….I know, I know, California has that too, but they also have great restaurants, culture, stuff to do, beautiful beaches (like Maui, with colder water I’m sure….but I’m from the East Coast and am used to that.) I love the nature here. It’s stunning. But, as your photography demonstrates sooooo well, there are lots of beautiful places in the world. So until 2023, I’ll be reading about and looking at photos of California, where my daughter hopes to go to college.

      2. Well aren’t you a great mom? And I’m sure living there is different that being a visitor…like anywhere, but especially a place so dependent on tourism. Enjoy the rest of your time the best you can!

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