Ghost Train of Versailles


It’s been a “rough” four days.  Rough only in a strict first world sort of way.  I was without the internet at home for four days.

Oh noes!

Yeah, we had a wicked noreaster come through and dump a foot or two of snow on us.  Some got more, some got less, but a few million of us lost electricity and cable.  If it happened a month later it wouldn’t have been so bad because more leaves would have dropped.  Since so may were still on trees (especially oaks) we had tons of tree and branch damage to power lines.  Lots of impassable roads and spoiled nature preserves.  Bummer, but no injuries and no deaths except a few by carbon monoxide build up in homes from generator use.  The people I heard about were using them correctly (outdoors, away from the house), but didn’t realize a window in the basement was open.  That stuff is so deadly.

Anyway…I do have a generator wired to the house so I got to watch plenty of movies (all 3 Lord of the Rings which was a treat, I tell you), run the microwave, take hot showers and keep my toes toasty.  Better than most I know, but the no internet thing was killing me at first.  Then I got into a new routine and it wasn’t so bad.  Still, I did miss it.

So here I am with a belated Halloween post for you.  When we left Woodford Reserve in Versailles KY (the pronounce it Ver-sales, btw…oh my the French would be so appalled…it is SO American to do stuff like this…embarrassing, but that’s off topic).  Anyway, when we left the distillery we took some back roads.  We LOVE back roads.  This is why –

Unheeded - I went right past the signs telling me I shouldn't...could you resist this???

I tell you I couldn’t stop and get out of the car fast enough.  A train!!!  Stuff like this just doesn’t exist in New England outside of barricaded train yards.  OMG.  I went right past the notices telling me I had to have a railway agent accompany me to the train and not to approach it at all.  Bah.  Who could keep away?  Certainly not the locals who were wicked creative and put a haunted train together.

Ghost Train Crossing

Not all the cars were dressed up this way, but a few were and we saw lights strung up and even a fog machine.  Oh how I’d have liked to seen it at night.

Scaring Room Only

Oh it was fun.  And yeah, I had to get up into a couple of the cars.  Obviously others had done so before me and didn’t die…or did they?

Scene of the crime?

6 thoughts on “Ghost Train of Versailles

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  1. This is a really cool post. (Btw I am living in France and thought this was about Versailles, France! lol)
    You are brave. I would have been a baby and not have wanted to go inside.
    Sorry about your power outage. I contacted my family back home and they were all in the same boat. Everyone was ok though. I do not miss that type of snow … or shoveling out my car.

  2. Thanks everyone.
    No snow shots yet…they’re in the queue. I’m so behind. But brown stick season will be upon us soon and I can use the time to process shots.
    I think there had to be a small lavatory on that car. It was a passenger train so there had to be some somewhere! eek. ; )
    I was a bit of a baby about actually going into the carriages…I only stood at the doorways while my husband made worried faces at me. He’s used to my intrepidity…er, stupidity.

  3. Just found your blog through researching the term “railway agent” as an occupation for a bygone age here in the UK. Although not quite the definition I was looking for I was bowled over by the beautiful way in which you have captured the landscape around your home. Definitely bookmarking your site in case I need to escape from the day job again for a while!

    Thanks – now back to real life!

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