Lily of the Valley – Part 10

I am back.

I am not 100%, but I’ve been out photographing here and there.  Not just for this project, but walking in the woods and stuff.  Hopefully this weekend is reasonably nice and I can see about finding fall color.

But fall color isn’t just about leaves.  Picking up from the last installment in this project, the berries ripened really fast, going from a greeny-tinged orange to a deep orange in a couple days.  Then seemingly overnight they were red.

Summer's End (OM 90mm f2 macro)
Taste the Flower (OM 90mm f2 macro)

Now due to a combination of wind, rain and the advancing decomposition of the plants themselves, things have come to this –

The Departed (ZD 12-60mm f2.8-4)

I really like the shades of brown and gray in this as well as the leaf shapes.  Only a little manipulated by me, mostly as found.

It’s supposed to rain all day today so I might have some interesting shots to take when it stops.  Saturated, soaked, puddled and really bedraggled leaves is what I’m hoping for.

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