Dam the Poor River

On the way home from an appointment I took a rather long detour which brought me by the Hopkinton-Everett Dam.  It was built in the early 60s as part of a flood control measure.  In 1938 there was a powerful hurricane that caused immense damage and destruction.  The Piscataquog, like other rivers, overflowed its banks and raged unchecked for days.  It’s one of the most picturesque rivers in  NH and important part of the Merrimack river basin.

Anyway, I got there after the peak color, but the golden glow is still pretty spectacular in the afternoon sun.

Sentinel - dam tower in the landscape


The Everett lake is a popular spot in the summer for swimming and boating. I hunted around on the shore to find just the right foreground framing elements and really like the results, especially the white of the birch trunks –

Golden glow

I walked up top in the bright sun and couldn’t help a few perspective shots –

The Approach
The Tower

As you can see, the tower platform is guarded with chain link fence, but more importantly it is guarded by swarms of hornets that made me so mental that I got out of there fast.  I guess the unusually warm day and bright sun had them active, but with so few flowers or whatever they had nothing to do except buzz around in little swarms and terrorize me.  They were even on the railings and flying between the slats.  Ick.  I made my escape.

Ceremony of Opposites

I didn’t exactly run, but I was really glad to be away from the bored, buzzing, kamikaze hornets.

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