The Beauty of Fog

So I finally got myself to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island in Newbury, Mass.  I’ve only lived an hour and ten away from it my whole life and not gone.  No idea why other than laziness.  At first I was a bit bummed that it wasn’t sunny, but then I quickly changed my mind.

November Palette

Imagination's Muse

The Brook of the Ocean

Almost all other photos I’ve seen from Plum Island are on sunny days with clouds and blue skies.  The fogginess of the shots I got tell another story and capture an entirely different mood.  It was raining when I shot the 2nd and 3rd one here, but they were worth getting out of the car for.  The mysterious shapes in the fog give the photos depth and mood.  I quite like them.

I will definitely go back though – even if it’s not foggy.  Maybe for one of the first snows.


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