Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Isn’t it funny how time gets away from us when we’re in the zone?  Most of the time it’s when you think you’ve been crouched down photographing for just a few minutes, but really it’s been an hour and your companions have deserted you in search of warmth, shelter or just something more interesting than watching you.  A bit of a mind flip and you’re into the time slip!

Sometimes though, it can go the other way.  What seemed like at least 1/2 hour the other day, I realize now was barely 10 minutes.  The sounds of nearby dogs and owners playing faded away and even the sound of the ocean, just a few feet away, slipped out of my consciousness and I tried to remember what it was like to play.

To Infinity and Beyond!

While I didn’t shoot a ton of frames, I experimented with a lot of angles and compositions.  I at first didn’t like the complexity of the backgrounds, but then decided I did and included the old military fort next to this playground.

Playtime at the Apocalypse

My husband stood politely aside, exiting from shots as I moved around.  Noticing his shadow in the way even before I did.  Patiently watching me.  Even brushing me off when I got up from the sand.  I felt bad about taking so much time on what was a beautiful, but windy and cold day.  Then when I got home and looked at the time stamps I realized only 10 minutes had passed from first to last.  He got off lucky, really.  I’ve been known to really lose track of time when we’re out.  Hikes take at least 1/3 longer than estimated because I stop so much.  Vacations always include lots of time exploring weird things or areas.  He doesn’t mind though.  I think in some way he enjoys it.  Like when I go watch him run 5ks or other races.  Sure, I’m standing around doing nothing.  Sometimes freezing.  But it’s part of togetherness and I don’t mind at all.

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