Parting Shots

Well 2010 is on its way out.  I can hardly believe I had such a successful photography year and I can only wonder what the next one will bring.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by, commented or even subscribed to this blog.

Here’s the latest batch of photos and probably the last of the year.  I went to a marsh I’ve shot in the spring because I thought it would make a great location for a sunrise.  After waiting for some snow, I finally got what I’d envisioned –


Sunrise at the beaver lodge (check out the mist!)
This one conveys marsh the best, I think.

I waited until the sun crested the trees to shoot these coyote prints.  Strangely enough I heard a bunch of them in the distance as I approached the marsh.  They were yipping and singing and having a grand time.  These prints look fresh to me considering the high winds we had in the days before this one.  Where was she headed?

Night traveler

Why to the beaver lodge, of course.  I bet those beavers laughed and laughed all snug down in their den.  Gotta get dinner somewhere else my canine friend.

Off to the lodge

Amazingly, the mist returned just after sunup.  I didn’t dare go out past the vegetation (maybe next month), but I really like what I was able to get.  This is definitely a terrific place.


Frost crystals and mist on a clear winter morning.

The frozen fingers and toes were worth it.

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  1. You have something I lack in most of my photos… being up for sunrise and/or out for sunset.
    Where I live isn’t that cold, but man, sure is warm tucked inside my bed 🙂

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