The Great Marsh

My husband is a runner and goes to races in the area.  Sometimes I go with him if there’s something interesting to photograph in the vicinity.  On New Year’s Day he went to Salisbury Massachusetts and so I went to walk the Old Eastern Marsh Trail that runs about a mile and a quarter.  I wore the completely wrong shoes and ended up with wet feet from the sloppy slush, but I did get some gems –

The Vanquished
Dancing on the Ceiling

I did a bit of research and found that the Great Marsh is the largest uninterrupted stretch of salt marsh in New England.  It is protected to preserve habitat for all kinds of birds, fish and other wildlife.  The Merrimack River empties here and so there are many tributaries in the delta, some of them still with open water making for some great reflections.

Sky Meets Water
Left Brain Ambassadors

At one time people harvested hay from the marsh, and although there weren’t any staddles that I could see, there was this lone fence post.  I really liked it with the cattails and grasses all matted down.  As it was a bit far off and I couldn’t get closer I used the legacy Olympus 135mm f2.8 lens.

All the Dead Lie Down

It looks like last year there was a boat tour of the marsh and I’ll have to remember that for this coming summer.  Alive with birds the Great Marsh must be wonderful.

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