Robot Lords of Tokyo

Ah!  You’ve found me out.  I’m a Clutch fan.  And when I found these tiny, wind-up robots in the basement their most excellent song popped into my head.

Aren’t these the best?

Robot Lords of Tokyo

Rescued from a box of junk, my husband set them aside so they wouldn’t get tossed.  He thinks he got them in high school.  Some one gave him the silver one and he went and bought the gold one so they could have robot races.  I prefer shadow boxing.

Round One

When I first saw them I  knew I would photograph them, but not yet how.  Over the course of a couple weeks the only image of them I could see in my head was with long shadows.  Early morning sun is best since I had to see the shadows themselves in order to maximize their punch.  Those little pincers they have, like Robbie or Robot from Lost in Space are the key.  They add so much that I was always turning them so they’d show up.

The winner, and still champeeen!

I set them on some whiteboard by the window and shot handheld with the ZD 12-60mm.  I’m not 100% happy with them, but they’re a good start.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing them again.

Anyone have any good names for them??

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