Craving color in a black and white world

Yeah, I know I just wrote a whole big post about black and white photography and how awesome it is, but now I’m starting to crave color.  It’s the precursor to spring fever.  Happens every year.  I try not to let it get to me, but some days I just feel like these leaves –

'Til Death

Kind of dried up and in suspended animation.  Drained of vitality.  Especially when we get a teaser day that ends up feeling like spring.

I tried to put it out of my mind though and focus on what was cool and interesting about winter.  What’s special and unique to that season only.  The trees seem to have more patience with it than I do.



When I spied this wood duck house in the undergrowth, I knew I had the tail of it.  In any other season this would have been hidden.  Unphotographable.  Undiscoverable.  Unknown.



I’m so glad I found it.  The discovery put a spring back into my step.  More a leisurely stroll.  A hit of joy. That little spark that photography puts in all of us, that you’ve found something worthy of preserving.  Something unexpected.  Something to tide me over until the greening.


3 thoughts on “Craving color in a black and white world

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  1. Gorgeous photographs, just what I need during a bout of cabin fever. I loved photo 1, the straight no-nonsense highway trapped between rioting forests. And, the ‘Withstanding’ poplar, with its heat sink digging a hole around its base —- oooh, spring is just so close, isn’t it? The trees know… best, Wen

  2. I always get depressed when the weather isn’t ideal for taking pictures. I have to force myself to work with the weather instead of against it. Thank you for taking notice of the “winter only” photo opportunities.

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