The Elegance of the Forest

I’ve been doing a little winter hiking and snowshoeing lately so thought I’d share some shots.

The forest is an amazing place to me in any season, but in winter it seems to be draped in finery.

This first one I shot today while out in the afternoon.  Those shadows are hard to beat.  The sun doesn’t rise very high this time of year, so you don’t need to be out late to enjoy them.  And since what little color there was in the scene wasn’t adding to the image, I did a black and white conversion and played with some sliders.  I was using my legacy OM 35mm f2 by this time and my fingers were freezing.  Autofocus does indeed have its benefits.

The Elegance of the Forest

This next one I love although I seem to be the only one.  While out with a couple of photographer buddies, I let them continue on up the trail while I set up for this shot.  The way the light hits the trees is amazing to me.  The sun hadn’t yet crested the trees and so everything is soft and glowing.  I just love it.  Plus I named it after an amazing book by Robert Clark.  Bonus.

In the Deep Midwinter

While both shots are similar in aspect and subject, they have totally different feels to me and I hope to you, too.  The forest is always beautiful, sometimes surprising and yes, even elegant.

4 thoughts on “The Elegance of the Forest

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  1. Well done with both. I am partial though as I LOVE lines AND trees… So can’t really go too wrong with me. I enjoy the second image too. Sometimes people are just triggered by different things. Well done, glad you’re able to get out despite the snow. We’re headed for 70 degrees here sat. Crazy


  2. Nice work….crisp and defining..
    The top one reminded me of an exhibition I went to about B&W snow photography….although I cannot remember the photographers name (bother me until I remember)
    I miss snow, hardly see it now unless I travel away, but always think there is something very special.

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