Winter memories – landscape version

Yes, it's finally gone. What with the 2 feet of wet snow in April I didn't think it would. But since I've been so caught up in other things and have ignored this blog, you get to have a little more! Aren't you lucky? Trail shots are a weakness of mine as you know. Nothing's... Continue Reading →

Smoke On the Water

Often when I post photos of moving water looking all smooth, silky or smoky I get comments asking how I achieve that result.  So I decided to write this post using my latest batch of images to illustrate things (and give you a couple of Lightroom tips in the bargain).  Don't say I never gave... Continue Reading →

The Elegance of the Forest

I've been doing a little winter hiking and snowshoeing lately so thought I'd share some shots. The forest is an amazing place to me in any season, but in winter it seems to be draped in finery. This first one I shot today while out in the afternoon.  Those shadows are hard to beat.  The... Continue Reading →

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