Winter memories – landscape version

Yes, it’s finally gone. What with the 2 feet of wet snow in April I didn’t think it would. But since I’ve been so caught up in other things and have ignored this blog, you get to have a little more! Aren’t you lucky?

Trail shots are a weakness of mine as you know. Nothing’s changed, but photographing them with snow is a little more challenging. As always, expose for the highlights and emphasize what stopped you in your tracks to take the shot. For me it was the contrast between the shady bit I was in and the sunny bit I was headed for.

It’s not just you

This was my first year with snowshoes and boy did I need them!

Through the forest deeply


Endless forms most beautiful


Deep peace complete


Sacrament of Wilderness

For all of those shots I was about up to my knees in snow with the shoes! Every time I sank in I laughed. I mean, what else can you do? It was quiet, peaceful and untouched. Absolutely wonderful. Don’t let the snow or weather stop you, peeps!


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