Photography and the Winter Blahs

It pretty much always happens about now.  Especially if we’ve had snow since December.  At first it’s magical and a joy to be out in, but after a while.  After it snows a dozen times.  After there’s 3 feet of it with 5 foot drifts and 6 foot snowbanks.  When it’s too deep for snowshoes.  When you don’t feel like skiing anymore.  The snow isn’t so magical.  Now it’s in the way.

Between the uncooperative light and the need to see some color I’ve been adrift, photography-wise.  Sure, I’ve been out, but I’ve hardly shot anything.  Pretty much the only things have been abandoned stuff by the side of the road.


The naked trees reveal them, but also obscure them.  The accumulated snow, well, I’ve dealt with it as best I can.  Using it to further isolate the crumbling structures.

Rural Obscura II

Some of them I hope to visit again, come spring.  If I remember.  This one above is on the list.  It’s big enough to have been a hunting cabin or something.  Some are small though, like this next one.  It’s child-sized.  Or maybe just sheltered machinery once upon a time.  But why the window?  It’s regular sized, so that makes the door tiny.  Strange.

Roadside Attraction

I’ve always been fascinated by these strange structures.  Here’s one from this past summer.  Isn’t it great?

Fractured Fairytale

That little turret part had a sink, and maybe a toilet if I remember correctly.  Running water in a tiny house like this.  Also a bed and an easy chair inside.  Solidly built with real construction techniques.  I have no idea if it was a glorified play house or if someone actually lived in it.  It’s like a free-standing bedsitter.  Or maybe a mother-in-law suite.

Anyone else intrigued by little buildings like this?  Am I the only one who gets on the brakes to stop to shoot them?

Anyway, I hope all you other northern photographers are making it through the ragged end of winter.  Hail spring!


8 thoughts on “Photography and the Winter Blahs

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  1. Winter blahs aren’t much fun – I’ve been shooting a lot of stuff inside myself. I tell myself it’s a good challenge 🙂

    I love the small structures – they make you wonder what stories they could tell. The last image is especially lovely – nice shot!

  2. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with the winter blahs. Nothing is inspiring me these days. I need spring like weather and good health to get me out!

  3. I know what you mean. I had decided in advance to take advantage of this winter, and had sort of a shot list going in my head. By March, that’s pretty much depleted. The snow is dirty and ugly. Wooded parks are difficult and unpleasant to navigate. It’s still cold, so ‘street shooting’ is uninteresting because the few people to be found outside all look the same in hooded parkas, and as noted earlier, the snow around them is dirty and ugly. I would normally do some macro type shots, but my best location for that is the kitchen table next to 2 east windows, which my wife has covered with 1,000 little pieces of crap I can’t be bothered moving. And nothing is going on at work right now that requires travel (a usual inspiration for me). It sucks, but spring should be advancing quick in just a few weeks.

  4. So, that was you I felt rummaging around in my head reading my mind.I am so ready for the snow to be gone and the color to be back in the world. I’ve got one more winter shoot left in me, I hope you’ll be joining Joe, Melissa and I next week. As luck would have it, old abandoned buildings are on the agenda.

  5. thanks guys. Seems like the winter blahs has gotten to all of us. One more winter shoot and then yeah, I’m done. Sorry about the table, Ed. Maybe there’s something interesting in those 1000 things. Jeff – have shot you guys an email about the 12th. I’m there if the weather cooperates.

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