Spring has Sprung

Remember that scene in The Jerk when Martin ran all over yelling “The new phonebook’s here!  The new phonebook’s here” ?  Well I felt like doing that about spring today.  This is what tells me it’s arrived –

First blooms (E-30 | OM 90mm f2 legacy macro | 25mm ext. tube | f11 or 16 | ISO 100 | 1/30th)

It’s whitlow grass and there’s a big patch of it in my backyard.  They’re the very first flowers to bloom after the snow melts.  I found them covered in frost this morning and when the sun came up, the frost turned to water droplets.  Each plant is 1 inch high right now (some smaller, some taller) and the closed blossoms are 3-4mm.  Tiny, but the early insects are buzzing around them already (they opened when the sun got higher).

I love the light in this one, but it was SO HARD to frame and focus in.  If I didn’t have a live view screen that swivels and tilts I couldn’t have shot it.  Ditto the zoom feature, so critical for macro focusing.  I’m pretty excited to be back in macro season.  Winter is so difficult for that kind of thing.  With new growth and life returning, I’m sure my pursuit of the microscape will go back into full swing.  I tried making a few this winter, but they didn’t work too well.  Not much poked up above the massive amounts of snow we got, and the light just wasn’t right.  But now spring has sprung, I’ll have more success.

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  1. I had to laugh as I read your description of your excitement – “The Jerk” is one of my favorite movies!! Your photo is just beautiful – I love the water drops on the little buds! 🙂

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