Mining Bee Macro

A follow up to the last post, I went out back to the carpet of whitlow grass again and found it buzzing with tiny mining bees (1.5 cm or 5/8 in).  The sun being strong, but slightly diffused by clouds I went back in for the camera.  So glad I did –

Pollenator (E-30 | OM 90mm f2 legacy macro | ISO 200 | f5.6 | 1/1250 | handheld)

Isn’t she sweet?

Even though I’m out of practice with this lens, I got a decent shot.  Basically I have to shoot with the lens stopped down which darkens the viewfinder making it harder to see to compose and focus.  Luckily the light was strong and the wind marginal.

I’m always amazed that little creatures like these can make a living this time of year.  It makes these seemingly insignificant little weeds all the more important.  Oh and while I was hunched down there shooting, I noticed the whitlow grass has a most wonderful scent – like tulips.  It was very strong, but so welcome after the long winter.

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