When It Becomes Visible

You know, I think I spend more time with my backpack off and it lying on the ground than I do actually wearing it!  Being that I spend so much time way down on the ground, photographing tiny things I think I need a different rig.  Or one that allows me to work differently.  But that’s another post.

Before I get into new stuff, here’s a leftover from May that somehow got stuck.  I love it.  Of course I do, it’s a fern!

And I’ve been using the square crop more and more lately.  So many things just seem to call for it.  I’ve never been a strict aspect ratio sort of person, instead I adapt each crop to fit the subject and mood.

Crown Jewels

I have been out and about, focusing on my major; woodland photography.  The bugs have calmed down and are manageable with an appropriate layer of anti-bug goo on.  Today I noticed a ton of the tiniest toads I’ve ever seen, but I was too pooped and the light was too dark for me to photograph them.  I did wish each one luck on his or her way; they seem so vulnerable at this stage.  Another creature that’s out and about are newts.  Oh how I love these teeny dudes.

This is their only terrestrial phase; they’re still juveniles and as adults will return to the water and live for up to 15 years.  So long for such a small creature.

I’ve also been chasing light and some tiny moss spore things…I don’t know what they’re called…pods?  Anyway, I think I’m getting closer to the shot I want.

Odd Fellows Local

It’s mushroom season and they’re literally popping up everywhere, in some surprising colors –

cortinarius violaceus mushrooms

Aside from new and interesting mushrooms, I also found this pink lady slipper flower –

By Any Other Name

I’ve never seen one like this before.  I always thought the flower and stem died back completely, but I guess sometimes they don’t.  I love finding new stuff in the woods.

And just so you don’t think I’m always looking down, here’s some water hemlock (yeah, the poison stuff a la Socrates).

Between Earth and Sky

But sometimes I’m lazy and stay close to the house.  I’ve always got company.

The Nanny

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