Ephemerals past and hiccup in my process

Oh boy this post is late!! Early spring wildflowers are long gone and we're into high summer flowers now. I'm still shooting, but am just a lazy blogger. Here are some of my favorites from the yard. None of these were shot with my beloved Olympus 90mm legacy macro because it totally siezed up on... Continue Reading →

Mushroom walk

Collection of images from the mushroom walk hosted by the PLCH and the Nature Conservancy and featuring the expertise of mushroom enthusiast Reta McGregor.

Moody mushrooms

Yeah, fall is supposed to be all about the foliage, but I always like to buck a trend. Mushrooms offer endless subjects these days and hiking with me is basically an exercise in watching me put the camera on the beanbag and shoot another one. Since I always use natural light, sometimes I have to... Continue Reading →

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