Elusive Wildflowers Part 2.1 – Bloodroot in bloom

I was right.  It took two trips to get these in bloom.  Somehow I’m not satisfied with my work, but for now it will do.  The light went from terrific to flat in a short time and since it was still pretty breezy, I packed it in.  Here’s what I got though. Shot with a combination of my normal ZD 12-60mm f2.8-4 and the trusty OM 90mm f2 macro.

Milady’s Secret
Buckingham’s Object
Joys of a Rival
Of the Robe

7 thoughts on “Elusive Wildflowers Part 2.1 – Bloodroot in bloom

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  1. I’m hating you right now Kris 😀

    It’s too late for me this year, but don’t think I won’t remember these wonderful photos, and be hitting you up next year for a little meet-up at their location!

    1. Sorry you haven’t gotten out yet, but there’s still a lot of wildflower season to come. Melissa & I are planning something for the last weekend in April…probably down this way over by Antrim if you want to join us. Send me an email and we’ll work it out.

  2. Again, some terrific composition! What really makes images “pop” like yours is getting the “detail” or structure in the subject matter. This is seen in image #1. A little more blur in the background would really make the flower standout.”

    Thanks for sharing these fine images.

    1. You are right about isolating the flower and I think if time had permitted, I would have experimented more with DoF, but the light literally was gone in seconds after I took this. I set up and shot wicked fast, but didn’t have time to really fine tune anything. Possibly I should reset my internal DoF meter for a wider aperture as a first instinct. Cheers!

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