Elusive Wildflowers Part 3 – Wild Columbine

Do you remember me stalking a plant that wasn’t blooming and me not knowing what it was?  Well today was my lucky day and I finally found it blooming.  It’s columbine!   Yay!!  Another one I’d never shot before.  I don’t remember even seeing it outside of books.  Sa-weet.

Royal Portent

The light was really spectacular, but the terrain was challenging.  When I read in my guide book that these flowers thrive on rocky, wooded slopes I knew they weren’t kidding.  I was at better than a 30 degree angle shooting these and on a barely covered granite slab; pretty unsteady.  But oh, it was lovely.

Mithradates's Comet

I’m not 100% happy with the results, but I gained some valuable experience on my first attempt.  I need a slightly deeper depth of field than I achieved here, and I’d like to change it up with some landscape oriented shots.  Luckily there’s another plant in the vicinity that isn’t blooming yet, but will most likely do so next week.  I also spotted tons of another wildflower I’ve never shot before, so it will be a double bonus.  I think I’ll have to get there a little earlier than I did today though, so I can  play longer.  Oh and you can probably guess which lens I used.  : )

3 thoughts on “Elusive Wildflowers Part 3 – Wild Columbine

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  1. My guess: 90 f2. Nice images! Did you use an extension tube? I prefer the second one for the more even lighting. More dof? OK, let’s see.

  2. Ooooh I think I found one of these too! I thought they were just columbines that escaped somebody’s flower bed. I spotted these on the side of a big rock outcropping so it sounds like the same thing. Your photos really make me want to not even bother with my wildflower shots. I need to invest in a beanbag or tripod for the field I guess. Just such a pain to carry around when I have to carry stuff around for the dogs already. But I will have to give it a better go next spring. Keep up the wonderful shots

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