Noticing the Unseen

Even though it’s hunting season up here, I still get into the woods.  I feel a bit funny being so conspicuous in my blaze orange though.  So many times I’ve gone completely unnoticed by other folks.  Not when I’m on the trail or right next to it, but if I go off trail and am wearing natural colors most people go right by me.  It’s kind of funny in a way and makes me feel like I’m really part of the forest.  Here are a couple other things that go unnoticed by most people –

Scutellinia scutellata (common eyelash) - the whole cluster is a bit less than 2cm high


Even the least

Both of these were taken with the 80s vintage Olympus 90mm f2 macro lens and within minutes of each other.  I was so excited to find both of them and in post processing noticed how harmonious they were together.  I found them in a stretch of ugly clear-cut in a local state forest.  Just goes to show that if you look hard enough you can find something beautiful.

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  1. That first one is so neat! Makes me think of the venus fly traps, they don’t function in the same way do they? Or strictly a fungus? I too still get in the woods during hunting season, but I try to keep myself and the 4 leggers out of the busy areas so that nobody gets hurt or frustrated with our presence. Having a husband who hunts makes me more aware of these other “seasons.” Glad you were able to get out, blaze orange and all.

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