Singing of Swamps and Waterfalls

Before I head out today in quest for more wildflowers, I’ll share a couple more favorite spots.  First is Senter Falls on Cold Brook. Why the heck they’re called that, I don’t know.  I suspect my friend Mike made it up.  It’s a relatively popular location for local photographers and I’ve shot it several times.  Still, the lure is powerful since it’s such an easy place to get to.  Here is a “new” view and a “classic” view for you.

For this one I set the camera on my bag of barley that was on a rock a couple inches above the water while I stood in some myself.  Yay for goretex, but I think I need some waders or something this year.  Anyway, this is below the main falls and I’ve shot it before with much less water in the brook and more rock exposed.  I love how the seasons change the image possibilities which is another reason to keep going there.

Cascade dances

This is the main part of the falls and I think there are permanent tripod marks where I shot this.  : )

For all you’re worth

Moving on to another favorite spot, the Atlantic white cedar swamp in Manchester.  So easy to get to and such a vital habitat not only for these rare trees, but for certain butterflies that only live where they grow.  Even though the ferns aren’t as fully developed as I usually like, I couldn’t resist getting a shot in the afternoon light.

I dream in green

Just look at that skunk cabbage!

6 thoughts on “Singing of Swamps and Waterfalls

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    1. thanks Jeff. I was really pleased with anti-bug juice I used and so it was bearable. I’m planning to go to the cedar swamp in Antrim in June so if you want to experience it first hand, let me know.

      1. Please, keep me informed. We haven’t gotten together in too long! What are you using for bug juice? DEET works awesome, but I’m terrified of getting it on camera or lens.

      2. I’m using some my husband’s ex-3M rep gave him. I spray down when the camera’s still packed up. Works pretty well. I’ll shoot you an email when I’m planning to go and maybe we can check it out together. I might hit up Melissa, too, since she had some interest. A branch (north?) of the Contoocook goes through this same property with old mills and stuff on it. Could be good with the right light.

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