Crossing the Streams

No matter what Egon says, I crossed. Cold Brook was running very low. I’ve posted about Senter Falls since I’ve shot there a few times – here and here and here and here. Boy, I guess I go there a lot, huh? They’re always beautiful even when the water is minimal which it was the other day and I took advantage of it by going to the other side of the brook. There is no trail and no bridge so you either have to get wet or wait until it’s drier. I’m definitely going back when the water is really roaring. It’s amazing from that side. The ledges afford completely different views that are obstructed or impossible from the normal side.

Here’s a shot of the middle section of falls where the gorge narrows. I can just imagine the roar come spring.

New World Rising

I walked all the way up to the main falls, which were unimpressive, but got some excellent views down into the gorge itself. Because the water was so low, it was constrained in a narrow slot that it normally overflows. Tripod contortions should be an Olympic event. I could compete, man, seriously.

Livin’ Thing
Strange Magic

Despite the slipperiness of wet leaves on wet stone, I did some scrambling to position the tripod for more detail shots. The light was pretty perfect for this kind of thing and it didn’t rain. I love the sense of upheaval in this next shot. I can imagine the earth folding upon itself.


I’ve gotten out onto the same boulder to shoot these middle falls before, but this time all the birch and beech leaves in the water was like bam! psychedelic mayhem!

Dreaming of 4000

It took several tries and numerous tripod positions for me to find this composition, but wow…what a show.

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