Waterfalls a whole new way

I'm sure you noticed something new with my Lassen posts. Video! Yeah. I've only had the GH3 for 5 years and this is the first you've seen video from me. Crazy, right? I agree. So what was the hold up? Well, it was a combination of two things. First was remembering that I had video... Continue Reading →

Pulpit Falls (finally!)

A while back, I can't say exactly when, I read about Pulpit Falls in Winchester NH. Being a lover of waterfalls I thought it would be cool to add them to my growing portfolio of images. Problem was that not many people had ever seen them or knew where they were. A few pictures came... Continue Reading →

Test of a teaser

Yesterday, I went to find an elusive waterfall. I'd heard of it somehow over the last couple years and found a few old photographs on the web (none newer than the 1990s), but it seemed not too many people either heard of it or much less had seen it. Armed with purported GPS coordinates and... Continue Reading →

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