We interrupt this blog

Recently I almost lost my dad. Nearly half-orphaned I was. Me. At close to 50.

No matter what your age, if you get along at all with your ‘rents, losing them is traumatic and I’ve been spoiled by very healthy ones so this disaster really made me mental.

Not to mention I’m really far away now and couldn’t be there at all to aid and comfort.

He’s home now, but boy is there ever a long road ahead and a huge pile of bills.

So. Partially because my dad is a curmudgeon about the internet, I’m using it to help him. (See that, the internet can be used for good, dad!)

Well, you’re going to help him. At least I hope so. After all, how many casseroles can mom and dad eat?

Please consider giving a few dollars towards his Recovery Fund.

I know, I know. You’ve got a million other things to do and a million other things to spend your money on.

But how many of those things will make me cry? Go on. Make me cry. I dare you.

For those who missed the URL it’s here – Dick Smith’s Medical Fund

And if you want to share this post – reblog it, tweet it, facebook or instagram it. Feel free. That will also make me cry.

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