The neighborhood girls

The resident does give me a little opportunity at some wildlife photography. When a tree fell this winter, they nibbled on the twigs and lichen for almost an hour at a time.

What’s that?

I could shoot out the window with the long lens, no need to face the cold temps!

Oh jeez, what a mess!

I think this one was pregnant, but it was hard to tell –

A quick snack

But certainly one of them was because in the spring, these two made their grand entrance –


Can you keep a secret?
A kiss for sister

They were very different in temperament – the larger of them was more curious and bold. She had a moment with me and my husband individually where she would watch us and be undecided if she should run or look us over some more. She would take a few steps toward us and then jink to the side a little and go back only to stop, stare and approach us once more. It was magical. Mom was nearby, but little by little they became more independent.

High alert

All the shots of them were done on the deck. I kept the long lens on the camera for just these opportunities. The square shots were so close they were startled by the sound of the shutter and looked right up at me before getting to safety.


Yesterday I saw them again down the road. They’re spots are gone, but they are still together.

I hope they survive the winter!


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