Walking in Guimaraes

More Portugal if you can believe it. On our way to Porto we stopped in the city that is characterized as the ‘cradle of Portuguese culture’ because it was here that Afonso Henriques was born. He basically had a big fight with his mother, Theresa who had been ruling the county of Portugal with her husband Henry of Burgundy. In the 12th century, Portugal was part of the Kingdom of Galicia which occupied most of the Iberian Peninsula. As he grew older, Afonso began to have other ideas. He wanted an independent Portugal and after some battles, diplomacy, bribes and exiling his mother to Galicia, it happened.

Here’s a picture of his statue and the old castle in Guimaraes. I didn’t take this one, but wish I had.

In the old castle wasn’t open, but we did get to see the Dukes of Braganca Palace which has been rebuilt and staged as a museum.

The right side wall in that shot looks up into a chapel which is a popular place for people to sit for while so I didn’t get to linger, but it is beautiful.

Even the ceilings were worth craning up to see.

I would have liked to stay longer, but we were off to have a look at Guimaraes itself and meet up to get our bus to Porto.

Lo and behold we found most of our group at a cafe with tables out in the square. This was the perfect end to a few hours in a city that really needs a few days to explore.

Next up – Porto!!

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