Walking in Guimaraes

My penultimate Portugal post, a few hours in historic Guimaraes.


On-a-Slant Village

My visit to a re-created Native American village high on the banks of the Missouri river.

European Vacation 2015

Will it be shocking to admit I'm a uni-dimensional photographer? Yeah, I can hear you all gasping and muttering that it can't be so. It's not as if I don't admire or appreciate other forms of photography, like the shots below, but that I really don't enjoy cities. They're loud, crowded and smell awful. Lots of people... Continue Reading →

Driven to decay

When the industrial revolution came to New England it came in the form of mills.  Water-powered turbines sprang up on every river big enough to drive one and even on what now appear to be placid little brooks.  I've always loved the architecture of large mill buildings.  Having basically grown up in New England's largest... Continue Reading →

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