Colonel Sanders has left the building

Closing out the year with more abandonment. This time just one location in the next county.

It’s a place that I really should have poked around in more, but was in some kind of stealth mode and I didn’t linger long. More’s the pity, but the place isn’t too far away from the house and I can always hit it in the spring if I want. It’s a defunct fur ranch. The mink were housed in these long buildings totaling hundreds of cages.

Country chicken cartoon
It’s hope that kills you

Miseries untold

At first the chicken post confused me, then I realized what was really farmed here. Mink and fox from the looks of it. And it was big. Covering several dozen acres, but as I said, I didn’t really worm my way into it as much as I should have. I’m weirdly nervous when walking abandoned property even if there are no signs telling me not to. Shrug. I’m a weirdo.

The trees in the background of the first photo above are the same ones to the left in this shot –

Once had striven

These little coops or whatever seem to have been built more insubstantially since they are way more ruined than the others. And they’re right behind the remains of the farmhouse. OMG. Talk about noisy and smelly. Yuk.

Somewhere the vulture
Bad place for a house

I grew up with neighbors who kept some chickens. Not many, maybe a dozen or two, but when the wind blew our way the smell was intense. And that was just a few birds!! I don’t know how many they lost to raccoons, raptors, foxes or weasels, but this farm must have been an irresistible lure to those guys when it was operating. I bet the farmer was a serious trapper, too.

There was all kinds of junk down the rows that I didn’t really explore much, but should have like I said. But I was a little cold and, as I said, unaccountably nervous.

The all is none

I parked on what must have been the main driveway to the residence. Weedy, but still doable.

These dark days

As you can see, I was fooling around with processing techniques for this set. I usually don’t do this with one location or subject, but for some reason I did this time. These next three are all done similarly though.

Only four walls
A silent hand

That’s as far as I went with the house. I could smell it long before I got under the trees and next to it. Amazing how rot and decay signal their advance. I wish the house wasn’t in such a dilapidated state, but once a roof goes, the floor is too risky for me.

Across the driveway from the house was this poor little building.

Work is done

I wonder how long that bendy wall will last. We’ve had a couple feet of snow as of this writing and so it might be in worse shape already.

There is another sort of driveway just behind that little shack, but it was really overgrown on the roadside and I didn’t see where or even if it led out to the road. Looks still used though, as did the one by the chicken post. On one side was this fence with kennels for what must have been foxes. It was kind of hard to photograph, but maybe when I go back I can find a tear in the fencing.

An attempt at protection
Limited horizons
Fox kennels

So that’s it. Another abandoned farm and even though I think fur ranching has a higher cruelty quotient than some food farming, I’m still conflicted about it. At least furs are biodegradable and not made from plastic or industrial chemicals that poison the earth. But the remains are interesting and make for some good pictures.

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  1. I had a good laugh at the title! Also, I think there is something to be said for feeling nervous in an abandoned place when you are all alone. It is part innate caution as you could get seriously hurt, but it is also an eerie feeling to be all alone in what once was a thriving place, even if only a chicken farm. What looks like somewhat gloomy weather probably added to that feeling. Just try it out at midnight under a full moon . . . Places like this deserve documentation and make for wonderful photographic records. Have you researched what used to be here? Anyway, I enjoyed this post very much along with your descriptions. Keep ’em coming – Happy Holidays and New Year!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Surgery on my leg a few days before Christmas and the recovery is pretty rough. I think I was unaccountably nervous. I’ve never had a really negative experience on an abandoned property and I never go where I shouldn’t so I should have been more relaxed. As you point out, the day wasn’t a sunny one so that might have added to my unease. I will make a point of going back since it isn’t far and is near other cool stuff. Hope your Holidays were joyful. Here’s to 2020!

      Forgot I replied to you. Drugs. I blame drugs.

      1. Drugs are our friends (sometimes!) and always a good excuse! I hope you are recovering well from surgery – it can be tough. Also, sometimes things just feel creepy, and I think it is a very good thing to pay attention to those little voices and intuitions – I know they have at times probably saved my life. Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday and get well soon!

  2. I find abandoned places a real lure too. Bring an adventurous friend along next time. There looks like so much more to explore here. I kept finding myself wanting to take a closer look! Here’s to another year of inquisitive photography!

    1. Thanks Pat. Sorry for the slow reply. I’m recovering from more surgery on my leg and I don’t know when my next trip out with the camera will be. I hope I don’t go absolutely stir crazy before then.

      And I did reply so I’m totally blaming the drugs!

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