Resuming pursuit

After a few weeks of being stuck in the house due to various health issues, I busted out. Skiing or snowshoeing was out of the question, but hunting for abandonment wasn’t. Check out what I found.

Recently the town of Brokaw disappeared – subsumed into nearby Maine. That’s where I found this old school –

Even without the snow I think it would have looked cold. I bet it was a lot of the time.

You never know what you’ll find and that’s part of the fun, but this time it was just getting out of the house after so long.

The myth of submission

It still amazes me to find buildings like that one above next to perfectly normal, everyday houses. People just get so used to these things and when they have no more use, I think they just fall into a blind spot; perpetually ignored.

This next building really intrigues me. The snowbanks were quite deep and I wasn’t wearing gaiters so my curiosity will have to wait for satisfaction. I will try to make a point of going back. It’s such an odd little thing – looks vaguely circus-like, but I bet it’s just a workshop or something like that.

Cast in mystery

Next to it at the end of a driveway was this ruined house –

A mist of grit and splinters

It’s dwarfed by this enormous dead tree. How perfect!


Someone wasn’t deterred by the snow and the tracks made for the best leading line –

Is there trouble?

This next house made me a little sad since it seems that it was once a proud possession. That little USA sign is so kitschy. There is a barn next to it, but not in a good position for a photograph. The house though – I love the muted tonality of the scene.

Other people’s memories

I might go explore this one a bit more as well. It’s not often I come across brick homes in this area. They’re more common to the southwest of where I live. At least one end of it is brick, maybe an addition or the wooden part is the addition. So I’m interested in this one.

Our homesick songs

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