On a winter wander I found a couple of curious buildings that I couldn’t get to because of the snow, but promised myself I’d go back to in spring. I kept my promise. They were near to a quick IAT hike so I hit it the same day. Lucky for me there wasn’t a No Trespassing sign to be found. And not a single car went by in the 20-30 minutes I spent wandering and shooting.

First that cute little green cabin –

Deceptive youth

Being so far from it in the winter I had no idea there was a basketball hoop on it. There is even some pavement still visible although most of it is covered in grass and raspberry vines. Swallows were flying in and out of the window, so it hasn’t been abandoned by everyone.

A humanizing element
A wash of indifference
The hard way out

Now I could get closer I see it was more of a workshop than a home although it might have been when it was first built. It looks worse from other angles –

Rough and rowdy past

I bet that light pole was a very welcome addition. Even now this part of Wisconsin is very dark at night. No street lights and very few neighbors.

Gone without summons

The building next door, although much newer, isn’t winning the battle either. This one got hit by a falling tree.

Chill at heart
A final plea

Seen from the side that faces the road it looks oddly commercial for what is actually a dwelling.

A good front

Here’s a look inside that window –

Not in the spirit of the season

To the right is another room that had the main entrance, now pretty well demolished –

Never turning

Obviously I didn’t attempt to go inside. So with one final look, I too abandoned this house, too.


These are only a few of the best shots I took. If you want more check out this link.


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