And the Mountain says…

Keep your spring down there.

Went hiking yesterday.  Mt. Cardigan is an easy climb in pretty much every sense of the word so we weren’t expecting anything approaching an adventure.  We hadn’t counted on snow.  What fell as rain down here landed as snow up there.  Temps meant that once again ice and snow on trees would be bombarding us from above.  Oh and the trail would be muddy and running with water.  Hooray for Goretex!!

Anyway, it wasn’t a total loss, these are all almost straight out of the camera, color adjustment (greens got totally blown) and clarity/sharpness –

Imagine There's No Summer

West Ridge Trail approach

They don’t call it The Granite State for nothing –


Approaching the summit tower –

Mt. Cardigan Summit

Up here it was windy as hell.  Looking at the snow on the cairn, it looks like it’s moving.  The trees below do an incredible job of sheltering the trail, but up here is a different story.  When we actually got to the tower the wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to walk against it.  Because I (stupidly) forgot my gloves in the car I got very cold very fast and didn’t have the dexterity to take more than a couple of lousy photos.  Damn it was cold.  So much for spring at the top of Mt. Cardigan.

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